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BCGLBA Average Winners Classic - 7th May
The BCGLBA Average Winners Classic takes place tomorrow at Wrockwerdine Wood BC in Salop. Good Luck to Lesley Smith who won the CCLBA averages last year, we hope you have a great day.
Submitted by: Paula Cooper
06 May 2016

FACEBOOK - 'LIKE' the CCLBA Facebook Page
Appealing to all our members of the CCLBA. Please 'LIKE' the CCLBA Facebook page, much of the information we post on the website we also try to put on the Facebook page, so you will get instant posts and reminders on FB of our Match dates and venues, results, Competition Dates and winners. The more everyone uses this page the more information we will try and put on. So come on ladies, click on the Facebook icon on the Home Page and then simply 'LIKE' the page. We are getting a lot more followers now which is fantastic news, but we need more of our ladies to follow as well.
Submitted by: Paula Cooper
13 April 2016

Greens confirmed for CCLBA Competitions
The website has now been updated with the greens for the CCLBA Competitions and the BCGLBA Qualifying Rounds. Important: The CCLBA Competition Secretary is now Beth Kemp. You will find Beth's contact details on the 'Contact' page. Also, the green locations have now been announced for the first County Match against Wales on 24th April. Happy Bowling everyone.
Submitted by: Paula Cooper
11 April 2016

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