News From Cheshire County Ladies Bowling Association

CCLBA AGM, Sunday 16th October 2016

The CCLBA Annual General Meeting will be held a week earlier this year on Sunday 16th October at Knutsford Bowling Club, start time is 11.00am.

If you have any proposals, proposed rule changes or nominations for the various positions/posts held by the committee etc, please forward them to Yvette Gregory by Tuesday 11th October, either by email or post to '57 Moss Lane, Cuddington, Cheshire, CW8 2PT'.

Remember, this is your chance to have your say! 

If anyone is interested in attending the BCGLBA Christmas Luncheon/Presentation it will be held on Sunday 4th December at Winnington Park, Northwich, ticket cost estimated £15pp. Start time is usually 12pm for 12.30pm. Please bring your ticket money to the AGM or contact Sylvia Bradbury.

Thank you


The Cheshire Merit Competition held at Mere BC, Sunday 6th August, 2016

"Congratulations" go to Alisha Marshall from Crosstown BC in Knutsford who won the Cheshire Ladies Merit at Mere BC on Saturday 6th August. Alisha who bowled brilliantly all day had to fight off Karen Galvin in her Semi-Final and Doris Cargill in the Final to win. Well Done Alisha.
Alisha will now go forward to bowl in the BCGLBA Ladies Champion of Champions at The Waterloo in Blackpool on Sunday 25th September. Good Luck Alisha.

Photos of Alisha being presented the trophy with Sylvia Bradbury can be found in the Gallery and on our FB page. (thanks to Paul Tootall for the photos).

Thank you to Mere BC for the use of their green and facilitlies.


CCLBA Average Winner 2016 - Karen Galvin

"Congratulations" go to Karen Galvin who has won the Cheshire County Ladies Averages for 2016 winning all 4 of her matches and finishing with an aggregate of +41. Karen also finished 1st in Section 2.

Well done also to Doris Cargill who came second to Karen with an aggregate of +26 and who finished 3rd in Section 2.

WELL DONE ladies.


Cheshire 402 v 451 North Derbyshire, 18th July 2016

Unfortunately Cheshire lost overall with a final score of 402-451.

The ladies just managed a Home win on Woolston British Legion in Warrington winning by 2 points with a score of 220-218. Unfortunately the Away team suffered a big defeat losing by 51 points with a score of 233-182.

At the Home match on Woolston British Legion, the Cheshire ladies had 7 out of 12 winners. Julie Chapman had the best score of the day with a great 21-6 win, Emma Gardham won 21-13 and Karen Galvin securing the CCLBA Average Prize with a win of 21-15. The North Derbyshire ladies obviously found the green well as they had 5 winners, 3 losers at 20 and another at 19.

The Away match at Bolsover Colliery BC proved to be a very tough match for us again. We had one player who had to be replaced with a reserve, Viv Hampton replaced Alisha Marshall (shame, as it would have been Alisha's Cheshire debut), but Viv had the best score of the day for us winning 21-12. We had 3 other winners away, Denise Concliffe 21-16, Carole Nicklin 21-17 and Helen Downes 21-20 all bowling brilliantly, well done ladies. Unfortunately the scores did not reflect the bowling and even though there was some fantastic bowling by our ladies, it wasn't good enough on the day to beat the ladies of North Derbyshire. 

Thanks go to Woolston British Legion for the use of their green and facilities.

Thanks also to our supporters, your help, support and enthusiasm is always appreciated and valued. We thank you all.

Unfortunately, with this final defeat we have not finished well in the table and will not be progressing to the Play-Offs or the Mavis Deardon Supplementary competition.

Time to reflect and evaluate and then look forward to 2017.

Thank you everyone.


BCGLBA Veterans County Championship, 14th June 2016

Many Congratulations to Cheshire who won this year's team BCGLBA Vets County Championships this year at Severnside in Shropshire. Cheshire had to play Yorkshire in the Final, who it was reported had been bowling extremely well, but the Cheshire ladies battled through the rain at the end of the day to win.

Congratulations and Well Done Ladies, a brilliant result.

(A photo has been added to the Gallery on the winning team). 


Cheshire 451 v 373 North Warwickshire, 5th June 2016

Cheshire WON with a score of 451–373.

The ladies had a great Home win on Tullis Russell Coatings (TRC) in Bollington with a score of 241-165. The Away team also had a great result winning 210-208 (always a great achievement winning away from home on a green you don’t know at all).

The win gave us an advantage of +78 chalks which will go some way to make up for the loss we experienced in our previous two matches and putting us is in a slightly better position within the group/section.

At the Home match on Tullis Russell Coatings (TRC), the Cheshire ladies had 10 out of 12 winners and dropped only 11 chalks. Karen Galvin had the best score of the day with a brilliant 21-2 win, and there were good wins for Paula Cooper 21-9 and Sue Bellamy 21-11. The match provided some great bowling from both sides with the North Warwickshire ladies giving us some really tough games, but the Cheshire ladies bowled brilliantly and the green proved to be just too much for the opposition. Well Done Ladies, great result.

The Away match at Griff BC also proved to be a tough one especially as three players had to be replaced with reserves on the day of the match. Beth Kemp replaced Emma Gardham, Julie Chapman replaced Lesley Smith and Viv Hampton replaced Elaine Berry. Beth only just missed out losing 19-21, Julie had a really good win winning 21-12 and Viv Hampton who only received a phone call late that morning in Macclesfield also won 21-15. Very Well Done Ladies. The best score was Doris Cargill who had another good win winning 21-10 giving the ladies an overall Away score of 210-208. Great Result Ladies, Well Done.

Thanks go to Tullis Russell Coatings (TRC) for the use of their green and facilities, for the ladies who provided us with refreshments, to the greensman for preparing the green and to everyone else who helped on the day. A great green and probably the most picturesque setting in Cheshire. Thank you.

Thanks also go to our supporters who follow and travel with us in all types of weather, your help, support and enthusiasm is always appreciated and valued. We thank you all.

We have a BYE on 26th June, so our next match will take place on Sunday 17th July against North Derbyshire, venues TBA.

This will be the last of our group matches.

Thank you.



The latest County Team Sheet is available on the website for our third match against North Warwickshire on 5th June (click the 'Latest Team Sheet' tab).

For anyone interested in coming along to support us or just spectating, the Home match will take place at Tullis Russell Coatings (TRC), Ingersley Vale Road, Bollington, Cheshire, SK10 5BP.
The Away match will take place at Griff Bowling Club, Heath End Road, Nuneaton, CV10 7JQ.
Both matches to start at 2pm.

Please come along and show your support for our Cheshire Ladies - the sun will be shining.!

Thank you.


Cheshire 406 v 438 North Midlands, 15th May 2016

Unfortunately Cheshire lost overall losing 406–438.

The ladies had a really good win at home on Crosstown BC in Knutsford with a score of 239–194, but unfortunately it wasn’t enough to compensate for our defeat away at Dunlop Sports & Social Club in Coventry where we suffered a 167–244 defeat.

At the Home match on Crosstown BC, the Cheshire ladies had 9 winners and dropped only 13 points with good wins for Denise Conliffe winning 21-4 and Jean Wanbon 21-8. The match provided some great bowling by both sides with the North Midlands giving our ladies some really tough games but the Cheshire ladies stepping up to the mark and bowling brilliantly. Well Done Ladies.

The Away match also proved to be a tough one. A great green was selected by North Midlands for their Home venue on Dunlop Sports & Social Club, the green was in great condition although very deceptive and difficult to read. There was some great bowling by both sides and many of the scores did not reflect the good games. I have to mention our 3 youngest members who all bowled brilliantly, they were Louise Sullivan winning 21-18, Stephanie Brown winning 21-19, and Claire Frangleton losing 17-21. It was the first time I’d met these young ladies and was very impressed at their bowling skills and how they handled the day. The only other Away winner was Doris Cargill winning 21-18. Well Done and hard luck Ladies.

It’s great to see some young bowlers on the Cheshire County Ladies team, these young bowlers are our future and we need more. We’re noticing more and more of the Counties we come up against are fielding much younger teams, but in Cheshire there currently appears to be a shortage of young bowlers coming through the ranks, even the CCBA had to withdraw their Junior team through a lack of young bowlers. So, if you do know of any young lady bowlers please encourage them to continue or to take up the sport and hopefully we’ll see a few more joining us in the future. 

Thanks go to Crosstown BC for the use of their green and facilities, to the greensman for preparing the green and to everyone else who helped on the day.

The next match will take place on Sunday 5th June, venues TBA.



The latest County Team Sheet is available on the website for our second match against North Midlands on 15th May (you no longer have to log in to view this, just click on the 'Latest Team Sheet' tab).

For anyone interested in coming along to support us, the Home match will take place at Crosstown BC, Chelford Road, Knutsford, postcode WA16 8LY.
The Away match will take place at Dunlop Sports & Social Club, Burnaby Road, Coventry, postcode CV6 4AU.
Both matches to start at 2pm.

Please come along and show your support for our Cheshire Ladies.

Thank you.



The latest County Team Sheet is available on the website for our first match against Wales on 24th April (you no longer have to log in to view this, just click on the 'Latest Team Sheet' tab).

For anyone interested in coming along to support us, the Home match will take place at Monk Sports & Social Club in Woolston, postcode WA1 4NS. The Away match will take place at Gresford Colliery BC in Pandy near Wrexham, postcode LL12 8EE. Both matches will start at 2pm.

Please come along and show your support to our Cheshire Ladies, the more the merrier!

Thank you. 



Young bowlers, your Sport and County need you.!!!

If you are a Crown Green Bowling Club Secretary, Parent, Grandparent or a friend of a Junior Crown Green Bowler age 9 to 17 years of age (male or female) and wish to be Coached to Junior County Standard please read on.

The Cheshire County Bowling Association (CCBA) are desperately seeking young bowlers age 9 to 17 years of age to play for the Cheshire County Junior team in the County Championships. The past couple of years has seen the CCBA withdraw the Cheshire Junior team from the County Championships due to a lack of young players. This year they are doing their upmost to avoid this from happening again.

This could be your child or a child you know, maybe they just need some help and encouragement or even some coaching to help improve their game and increase their confidence.
(NB. Coaching is available for bowlers of all ages and abilities).

Every year Cheshire hold Junior trials which are open to both girls and boys of all abilities aged 9-17yrs old. These youngsters are our sports future and could well be representing Cheshire County in the Junior County Championships this year and in future years to come. Please encourage them to have a go.

If you know of any young bowler who is already proficient at the sport OR who has potential and is keen to learn then PLEASE contact one of the following for more information:-

Mike Proctor, Cheshire County Development Officer (CCBA)     

    Tel.: 01625 614731

David Lawton, Cheshire County Secretary (CCBA)            

                Tel.: 0161 427 6233

Jean Harrington, Cheshire County Ladies Registrar (CCLBA)         

                Tel.: 0161 980 2974

Thank you.


HAPPY NEW YEAR Ladies and Welcome to 2016

We hope you all had a very enjoyable Christmas and New Year and we wish you all the very best for the year ahead.

The next CCLBA meeting will be held on Sunday 31st January at Knutsford Bowling Club at 11.00am

This meeting along with the AGM is open to all members (not just committee), so please come along and pay your £10 subscription/membership fee and also to say hello to everyone. Please note, the £10 membership fee applies to playing & non-playing members and must be paid at the beginning of the season.

At the AGM in October we had a few changes including the committee as you will see from the Home page. Irene Reardon is our new Competition Secretary so all CCLBA competition entries will be to Irene this year (contact details will be revised soon).

As you may have already noticed, the dates for this year's matches were posted a couple of months ago, another shuffle of the groups had to be made due to South Yorkshire withdrawing their team. Very sad to see them leave.

We have had a rule revision to Rule 8 of the Bye Laws and Rules. This rule was proposed, voted on and passed at the AGM in October 2015.

Rule 8 now reads:

The Management Committee and Selectors shall meet to select players and reserves for the first County Match of the season on an agreed date in March of each year. Players and reserves for the first match to be selected based on their BCGLBA Average from the previous year, starting with top average and working down (based on availability, the top 24 averages to play in the first match).

Rule 8 previously read:

The Management Committee and Selectors shall meet to select players and reserves for the first County Match of the season on the last Friday Evening in March of each year.

I will work on updating all the Competition Dates over the next few weeks, so please bare with me and keep a look out for those changes. Remember, if you have any photographs you would like adding of the matches or competitions please forward them to us and we will add them to the Gallery. Also, if you have any news, messages and would like to mention additional Competition Dates you can add them yourselves using the 'Message Board'.

Wishing you all a Happy and Successful Bowling season. Good Luck everyone and happy bowling. 


CCLBA AGM, Sunday 25th October 2015

Just a reminder for everyone (everyone should have received letters informing them of the AGM a couple of weeks ago).

The CCLBA Annual General Meeting will be held on Sunday 25th October at Knutsford Bowling Club at 2.00pm. If you have any proposals for the AGM please forward them to Yvette Gregory by Tuesday 20th October, either by email or post to '57 Moss Lane, Cuddington, Cheshire, CW8 2PT'.

For those who are not familiar with an AGM, you will hear reports from our President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Team Captains, discuss various matters arising and vote in our 'Election Of Officers' this includes our Committee, Captains and also our Area Delegates.

Remember, this is your chance to have your say. 

If anyone is interested in attending the BCGLBA Christmas Luncheon/Presentation it will be held on Sunday 6th December at Winnington Park, Northwich, ticket cost estimated £15pp. Start time is usually 12pm for 12.30pm. Please bring your ticket money to the AGM or contact Sylvia Bradbury.

Thank you


Worleston & District Bowling Group

A Call for New Members.....

Yesterday we were contacted by a very nice lady called Louise Probin from 'Worleston Village Hall' near Nantwich via Facebook. She is trying to generate interest and organise a new Indoor Short Mat Bowling Team and is requesting help. I have been in contact with Louise and forwarded alsorts of information to her along with contact details for various Associations and Leagues.

But what she really needs are people who are interested in joining them. They already have 2 short mats and bowls and are looking at purchasing a 3rd mat.

If anyone is interested in joining 'Worleston Indoor Bowling Club' or you know of anyone who might be, please contact Louise at any of the following:-

Louise Probin on Tel: 01270 629733 or Tel: 01270 623364.


Facebook:  Worleston & District Village Hall

Twitter @ Worleston


Address: Worleston and District Village Hall, Main Road, Worleston, Nantwich, Cheshire. CW5 6DN



Congratulations go to Lesley Smith who has won the Cheshire County Ladies Averages this year winning all 4 of her matches and finishing with an aggregate of +43.  Lesley also finished top of group 3. 

Well done also to Veronica Lyon who also won all 4 of her matches and finished with an aggregate of +23. 

Congratulations also go to Carol Gunter for winning the Cheshire Merit competition this year and also to Sue Woods & Brenda Buckley for winning the Cheshire Pairs. 

Carol will now go through to the BCGLBA Champion Of Champions at the Waterloo Hotel on Sunday 27th September. We wish Carol the very best of luck. 

Don't forget ladies that on Saturday 3rd October we have the CCLBA Presidents Day competition at the Lloyds Hotel in Chorlton. Anyone interested in entering, please contact Sue Bellamy. 

Thanks go to Sue for updating the Messages Board with the competition results.


The Cheshire Merit Competition held at Cranford BC, Sunday 2nd August, 2015

The Cheshire Merit was held today at Cranford BC Knutsford. Cranford BC were excellent hosts providing Tea Coffee and Cakes. The standard of todays bowling was second to none. Carol Gunter won the merit cup in an exciting final against Doris Cargill. Glenda Carroll and Miriam Norman were the losing semi finalists. The weather was brill as well!!

The Cheshire Pairs Competition held at Timperley Village, Saturday 20th June, 2015

The Cheshire Pairs competition was won today by Sue Woods & Brenda Buckley from Hale Moss. Sue and Brenda played brilliantly all day to take the title. June Husbands and Ann Boulton from Timperley Village were the runners up. Timperley Village ladies were excellent hosts and provided tea,coffee,sandwiches and cakes.


Cheshire 451 v 362 South Staffordshire 19th July

Well Done to everyone, we finally got back to our winning ways albeit our last match of the group. I think I'm right in thinking that most of us were very happy to end the season on a high.

There was plenty of great bowling to watch at TRC in Bollington for the Home match, South Staffordshire ladies reading the green very well. We were hoping for the green to be running faster, but unforturnately the rain they'd had that morning did slow the green quite a bit.  The green was in great condition and the weather remained fine for us for most of the day, just a little drizzle.

We had some great results both home and away, Cheshire winning by 64 at home and 25 away, giving us a clear win of 89 points. Anne Ratcliffe certainly finished the County season off on a high by winning 21-0 at home. Great results also coming in from Carol Gunter winning 21-2, Helen Downes winning 21-6 and Paula Cooper winning 21-9. The Away match also saw some great results with both Karen Galvin and Doris Cargill winning 21-7 and Lesley Smith winning 21-9. Some brilliant bowling from both sides and venues proving that the score does not always tell the full story.

Thanks go to TRC for the use of their green and facilities, to Paul Bradley for cutting and looking after the green, to Brenda Bailey and Chrisine Boswell for looking after us all afternoon with great refreshements and to everyone else who helped on the day. We wish TRC all the very best in holding on to their fantastic green a little longer.


Cheshire v South Staffordshire 19th July

The teams and venues for our last match on Sunday 19th July are now available on the our own CCLBA website (please log-in) and also the BCGLBA website.

HOME VENUE: Tullis Russell Coatings (TRC), Ingersley Vale Road, Bollington, SK10 5BP.

AWAY VENUE: Penn BC, Manor Road, Penn, Wolverhampton, WV4 5PY.

Supporters & Spectators are always very welcome, so do come along and encourage your Cheshire County Ladies.


Team News and Results

Here's a useful tip for you Ladies, as well as being able to view fixtures and results on the CCLBA Website, did you know you can now view all the latest Team selections on the new BCGLBA website following the exchange date, that's 2 weeks prior the match.

Click on the following for the Home Page:

Click on the following for the latest Team Sheets:

Click on the following for results:  


Latest Updates

The last set of results have been put on the website. Don't forget to see more detailed information log-in with your Username & Password. If you haven't yet got one or have lost your existing details please contact the Administrator.

The closing date for the BCGLBA Dorothy Piearce Memorial Pairs Qualifier is the 24th May, so anyone still interested in entering please contact Sue Bellamy.

The first CCLBA competition is the Cheshire Pairs which is due to take place on 20th June at Timperley Village. Any pairs wishing to enter please have your entries and entry fee to Sue Bellamy before 14th June.

Finally, as a reminder for everyone, if you don't fancy leaving messages on the website we always have our FACEBOOK page and Twitter accounts. Just 'Like' the Facebook page and you can leave messages or share your thoughts with everyone. Come on ladies, lets try and use them.   


All CCLBA & BCGLBA Competition Dates & Venues Have been Updated on the Website

All the CCLBA & BCGLBA Competition Dates, Venues, Closing Dates & Entry Fees have been updated on the Website. Click on the relevant tabs at the top of the page, 'CCLBA Competitions' or 'BCGLBA Competitions'.

Also, by clicking the 'Calendar' tab at the top of this page you can plan your own bowling calendar, the page shows a full list of all Ladies, Mens Senior & Junior County fixtures as well as Brunner Cup & Norman Cup Dates.

If you are interested in entering any of the CCLBA & BCGLBA competitions please contact Sue Bellamy. For Sue's contact details click on the 'Contact' tab at the top of this page. 


Change to 2nd Fixure on 17th May 2015 - Shropshire

We have had a change to our 2nd fixture on 17th May. We were due to play South Derbyshire, unfortunately they have had to pull out of the County Championships due to a lack of players. To balance the groups the BCGLBA committee have moved one team from the larger group into our group to make the groups even. We will now play against Shropshire on that date.

(Please note, this was done fairly with those group names entered into a draw).




CCLBA Emergency AGM - 23rd November 2014

Following recent events the Cheshire County Ladies Bowling Association will be holding an Emergency AGM at Knutsford Bowling Club on Sunday 23rd November 2014, start time 11:00am.  If you are able to attend please do so.
Thank you.


Cheshire v Wirral, 15th June 2014

The third round of the British Crown Green Inter-County Matches was played (with kind permission) at Tullis Russell Coatings Bowling Club on Sunday 15th June.
Paul Bradley spent several hours working on the bowling green for what was to be an important match for the Cheshire County players.
By 2.00pm the rain in Bollington had managed to stop, however the dampness from the night before managed to slow up the running of the green, the weather however did not dampen the spirits of the Cheshire players.

First four to start the match were Ann Ratcliffe, Rhona Mason, Michelle Beecham & Viv Hampton.

  1. Ann Ratcliffe - After being 4-0 down Ann won the Jack (block) and never looked back winning to 21-11.   
  2. Rhona Mason - Rhona played a brilliant game and at 17-9 down started to get the luck you sometimes needed in bowling, Rhona came back to twenty across but just lost her game in the last point 20-21.
  3. Michelle Beecham - Michelle winning a very good game with another 21-11 win.    
  4. Viv Hampton, a local lass - Viv was well up in her match when her opponent got second wind and fought back against her to win, she lost 18-21. 
  5. Allison Sinclair - Allison’s opponent did not get the feel of the green with Allison winning 21-6. You could feel Ally’s determination from the side of the green.                        
  6. Charlotte Plant - New to County this year, a quiet gentle looking lady, but can she bowl. Charlotte with her ‘Pink’ bowls won with another 21-6 win.
  7. Sheila Wilson - New to County this year, this was Sheila’s County debut. She got the feel of the green and her adrenaline was in full flow when she finished her game winning 21-9.   
  8. Joan Moran - Joan added another win of 21-12 scoring two points at seven ends through-out her game.
  9. Kath Bailey - Kath was on and off the green so fast winning to a brilliant 21-4.  
  10. Helen Downes - Also new to County this year and making her County debut. Helen had sacrificed a hen night to bowl at this game which I admired her for, however she had a tough game with 32 ends of bowling, her result was winning 21-20.     
  11. Carol Nicklin - Another brilliant game, her opponent did not score until the tenth end, Carole winning another 21-4.   
  12. Paula Cooper - Paula had a very good game against a lady who for her short height could easily reach with no effort. After being eight across Paula went in front 16-11 but then her opponent came back to win 21-17.

The Away Team playing at West Kirby Bowling Club, Ashton Park, West Kirby, Wirral were enjoying the results of their match also with Sue Bellamy winning 21-20, Win Wright 21-7, Charlotte Hough 21-20, Maureen Reardon 7-21, Chris Bates 21-9, Julie Chapman 21-14, Claire Fragleton 19-21, Sylvia Bradbury 21-20, Beth Kemp 21-17, Denise Conliffe 21-11, Carol Gunter 14-21, and Gaynor Buchanan 16-21.

The Overall win for Cheshire was Cheshire 468 – 348 Wirral.

Many thanks to Tullis Russell Coatings Bowling Club, Mr & Mrs H Swindells, and Paul Bradley.

By:  Brenda Bailey (CCLBA President and Captain)


Cheshire Ladies Pairs 2014

Winners of the Cheshire Ladies Pairs 2014 were Karen Galvin & Jean Wanbon - Congratulations to both.
Held at LMRCA BC on Saturday 31st May.

Result of Semi-Finals & Final were as follows:-
Semi-Final:    R.Lyon & M.Lyons          19-21     K.Galvin & J.Wanbon
Semi-Final:    W.Woods & B.Buckley     4-21      S.Bradbury & J.Husbands
Final:            K.Galvin & J.Wanbon      21-9      S.Bradbury & J.Husbands

Thanks go to everyone who helped, also to Sue Woods and Brenda Buckley who supplied the wonderful refreshments and to LMRCA for the use of their green and facilities.


Cheshire v Warwick & Worcester, 27th April 2014

This was to be our hardest match of the season.  In 2012 Warwickshire beat Cheshire by 102 points overall, so we went in with a fighting spirit.
Warwickshire chose this year to send most of their top players to Grappenhall B.C. in Warrington, this being our Home venue.  The results were brilliant for Cheshire winning their Home match 216-191.  It was nice to hear that the weather in Warrington was all sunshine, whilst my team playing at Ye Old Knowle Bowling Club in Dorridge were getting very damp.
The Away team did not disgrace themselves, the majority of the bowling was first rate but we did lose Away 166-191, but in all fairness to the team the scores were far improved from the 2012 match.
I was asked by Warwick & Worcester to select their 'Lady of the Match' (this being for their own ladies).  With only one other lady in contention I chose Maliza Herbert who played against Ann Ratcliffe, it was a brilliant game that was exciting to the end with Ann just losing out 20-21.
My second choice for this honour was Faye Montgomery who played Rhona Mason.  Faye gave Rhona a really tough game where the score did not reflect the superb bowling by Rhona.
Both Captains would like to thank both teams for their help and support on and around the greens.


Calendar Updates:

Venues and Entry Fees have been added to the BCGLBA and CCLBA Competitions.


By now all County Team members will have been emailed individually their account details, so that they may add messages or pictures to the Gallery. If you have not received an email, please send an email to admin.


Calendar Update:

For those of you who play in or follow the Brunner Cup, the Final Day has been moved to Saturday 20th September 2014.


Welcome to the new CCLBA Website.

We hope you enjoy using the site and find it useful and informative. You will find County Match Dates, CCLBA & BCGLBA Competition Dates and a full Calendar of events for your diaries. Archives can be found on various tabs showing previous winners. There are Links to various Associations & Leagues, Contact details for CCLBA and even details on where to buy your uniform. You will be able to add your own messages/news to the Homepage (you will need to sign in/create an account OR contact Admin and we will put your message on for you).
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